Meet Brian

Experienced Family Law Attorney

   At the Law Office of Brian Burkett, our philosophy is that you should not have to spend a fortune to resolve your family law problems.


   Many family law attorneys in the San Diego area charge very high and excessive fees. Some charge $300 per hour or more. At the Law Office of Brian Burkett, our fees are usually lower than most other attorneys and in some situations; we may even be able to do a flat or fixed fee depending on the situation.


   There is no reason under usual circumstances why someone should be paying their family law attorney tens of thousands of dollars. My office strives to resolve the client’s case in the most cost effective way for the client. Thus saving the client money and allowing the client to put their kids through college, rather than the attorneys’.

   In addition to attorney’s fees, there are other sorts of costs. For example, there are court costs which are the moneys you pay to the court to file your papers, as of 2006, a divorce filing fee is $320. To file a Motion, the fee ranges from $40 to $65 depending on what the Motion is for. In addition to court costs, there are other general costs such as court reporter fees if a deposition is necessary, mailing fees, process server fees, etc.

   In family law court, it is not unusual to see people representing themselves without the use of an attorney. In some cases, this is ok and probably feasible but in many other cases, it may not be a good idea. Before you decide to go this route, please call me for a free consultation so we can discuss if this is the best route for you. There is an old saying in law that “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Sometimes, this saying is true because sometimes people by representing themselves, do more damage and end up having to hire an attorney and pay more money to undo the damage they caused by not starting out with an attorney.

   Some people choose to hire a paralegal service to prepare the paperwork necessary for family court. This also may not be a good idea because a paralegal cannot represent you in court as an attorney can should something go wrong. Furthermore, at the Law Office of Brian Burkett, we have very reasonable flat or fixed fees that make it worth hiring our office over a paralegal service.