Helpful Family Law Websites Recommended by Attorney Burkett

Below is a list of links to websites that I think you will find helpful:

Legal Resources

Superior Court of California, County of San Diego – Information and resources pertaining to the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego.

Internet Legal Research Group –Database containing legal information, forms, and websites for divorce, probate, personal injury, and other legal matters.

The State Bar of California – Legal information and resources for attorneys and the public.

NOLO Press – Books, divorce self-help guides, and other legal publications and resources.

Attorney Forum – Legal Help and Law Discussion Forums.

Legal Advice Hotline – California hotline created to help those who can’t afford to obtain legal advice.

California Bar Association – The State Bar of California’s website for legal professionals and referrals.

American Bar Association – The American Bar Association is the largest voluntarry professional association in the world.

Mediation Preparation – Informational website set up by the CA Court to provide information on the Mediation process and help prepare individuals for it.

Other Resources and Services

Domestic Violence Self-Help Center – California’s self-help website offers answers and assistance in domestic violence issues.

San Diego Police Department’sDomestic Violence Page – Contact San Diego Police Department regarding issues of domestic violence.

Divorce Guide – Website offers hundreds of articles and resources that can help you with everything from marriage counseling to locating hidden assets.

Paternity Testing Advice – DNA paternity testing.  Website offers free help and advice on paternity related issues.

San Diego Criminal Law Attorney – David M. Boertje.  Legal practice in areas of Criminal Defense, Theft Offenses, Violent Crimes, and more.

San Diego DUI Lawyer – The San Diego County DUI Lawyer Center provides information for those accused of a DUI in San Diego County, California and in need of a San Diego Attorney who specializes in DUI cases.

The Therapist Directory of San Diego – Directory of psychotherapists, organized by location and specialty.

California Investigation Services – California Private Investigator specializing in domestic and family law related investigation including surveillance, background checks, locating missing persons, and skip tracing.

Kid’s Turn – Designed to assist children during the separation of their parents.

Parent’s Turn– Designed to assist Parents in how to deal with their children during a separation.

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