Spousal Support – Alimony

An areas of divorce where couples often disagree is  spousal  support (also know as alimony). Brian Burkett is a San Diego County Alimony Lawyer with over a decade of successfully helping clients with negotiation of acceptable agreements and settlements over these difficult divorce issues. His goal is to provide clients with legal representation with honor, yet still achieve client goals for winning their cases.

Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC

New clients from the San Diego, California, area are welcome at the Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC. Brian enjoys working closely with clients, and getting to understand their needs and wishes for their legal problems. He is a skilled mediator with excellent negotiating skills to put to work for his clients. He has helped hundreds of clients establish desirable temporary and permanent spousal support orders.

San Diego County Alimony Lawyer

Brian is familiar with and has appeared in all San Diego County and other California courtrooms and negotiating tables for hundreds of his clients. He has worked with a broad range of clients from all economic backgrounds and varied demographics. Brian’s approach is friendly, concerned, and he enjoys having a professional, one-on-one interaction of client relationships. This is the main advantage of being a smaller law firm and one that his clients definitely also enjoy.

California Spousal Support, Alimony

In addition to California Spousal Support and Alimony matters, Brian serves many clients with young children and child custody issues. He also is very interested in helping military personnel solve their legal problems. Brian has been providing skilled legal representation in San Diego County for over 11 years as a sole Family Law practitioner. He offers high quality, caring and affordable services and legal counseling with a flexible approach. If you need to meet with Brian Burkett on weekends or other than office hours, that is never a problem.

Start resolving your spousal support and alimony issues today. Contact the Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC, in San Diego, California. Brian will work hard for your best interests in any area of Family Law, including custody, alimony, support and other divorce issues. Call now: (619) 250-2683.