Child Support

Child support is a necessity for single parents trying to raise a child on their own. Unfortunately, the courts do not always decide child support cases as they should. Sometimes, the child support decided by the court is either too much or too little to do what is necessary, leaving you with less than you need or paying more than you should. When you need to make changes to such an arrangement, the help of a skilled attorney can make all the difference.

San Diego County Child Support Attorney

The California Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC, can help you either establish a fair child support arrangement from the beginning, or help you modify the current arrangement to one that accurately reflects current realities. Divorce is often a messy process where one side or the other comes out on the bad end, and it can leave child support issues poorly resolved.

Our firm can help you modify and establish child support orders with Family Court and DCSS, depending on your needs. Whichever side you are coming from, we have probably represented a case similar to yours, and we know how to do what is necessary to help you achieve a fair outcome.

Your Side Is Our Side

As a family law office, our firm has seen most child support situations. We have seen where the court ordered more child support than one spouse can realistically pay, and we have seen situations where the court orders far less than a spouse can actually pay. In either case, someone is suffering as a result – either a spouse or a child. We are committed to resolving these situations to the benefit of all, and will stand up for your side as long as it takes to achieve a positive outcome.

If you are frustrated with the child support you are paying or receiving, please contact our firm today. We can help you convince the courts to see things your way, and get you the relief you need in the process.