Child Custody

Child custody and visitation rights can become a heartbreaking situation if you do not have help from a San Diego County Child Custody Attorney who is skilled in helping clients solve difficult custody and support issues. Usually these are intertwined, and with some couples there are the added complications of divorce anger and lack of communication. Brian Burkett is a California attorney who has provided legal representation with honor to many clients who needed help solving child custody issues. It is a matter close to his heart and he is happy to meet with new clients.

Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC

At the Law Office of Brian Burkett, APLC, in San Diego, California, Brian Burkett has many years of successful negotiation skills. He is devoted to solving child custody and visitation disputes for clients. There are a number of methods available to solve these problems, including mediation and litigation, both outside of and within Family Court Services. The focus of Brian’s work is to minimize unnecessary emotional suffering while resolving cases quickly. Having proven skill with negotiation is also a cost-effective way to avoid long courtroom battles and expenses.

San Diego County Child Custody Attorney

In his work as a San Diego county Child Custody Attorney, Brian Burkett’s goal is to create a very personalized, one-on-one relationship with clients. Everyone wants what is best for minor children, and he also offers flexible scheduling for my clients, including weekend hours.


As in other states, California courts see a high number of divorce cases, many involving child custody issues. The Law Office of Brian Burkett APLC is a San Diego law firm which practices in divorce and family law with an emphasis on child custody litigation. Brian strives to represent each client with honor and integrity, along with personal care.

To get solutions to your child custody matters, make an appointment to discuss your case with Brian Burkett. Call now to get started: (619) 250-2683