Child Custody & Mediation

Going through child custody litigation can be very difficult and emotionally trying. Child custody litigation can come about in divorce or domestic partnerships. In the typical custody cases, parents must either reach an arrangement that is fair and reasonable for both their children and the parents, or an arrangement will be ordered by the court. A family law lawyer’s goal should be to negotiate the best arrangement out of court while at the same time being fully prepared to present an effective argument if litigation is unavoidable.

Early decisions made before and during a child custody cases will have significant effect on your children and subsequent custody arrangement. In California, courts consider the best interests of the child when making child custody determinations and orders. A child custody lawyer’s priority is to help their client make the most informed decisions while protecting the interest of the children involved in this difficult process while.

Children can suffer greatly during a custody battle over time parenting time and other related issues (e.g., which school to attend). A good Family law lawyer should keep this in mind and make every effort to avoid unnecessary suffering and move quickly.

During a separation or divorce, the choices you make early on can greatly affect the interests and wellbeing of your children. In the State of California, the courts consider the best interests of the children when determining custody. When parents are unable to come to a custody agreement, the court will order that the parents attend Family Court Services (FCS) Mediation. During this mediation, the parents are encouraged by the FCS counselor to come to an agreement. If no agreement can be reached, then the counselor will make a recommendation. Although the court typically adopts the FCS recommendation, parents have right to a trial before the court makes any permanent child custody orders.

Since the mediation is critical to any subsequent child custody orders, a good child custody lawyer should prepare their clients for it. This preparation is helpful in two ways. First, an experienced lawyer can help a client understand the issues that the mediation is meant to deal with. For example, the mediation is not meant to sort out finances or child support and bringing these issues up will waste your limited time and could hurt your case. Second, an attorney can help a client figure out and clarify what they want; more importantly, they can help the client figure out what they do not want.

Child Custody Lawyer Brian Burkett represents clients in their child custody proceedings in San Diego County.

With over 10 years of experience, Attorney Brian Burkett understands that FCS mediation is a critical component to a successful child custody case and prepares every client thoroughly before attending mediation. Additionally, he goes to great lengths to help client settle their cases out side of the court room which saves his client both time, money, and emotional stress. Attorney Brian Burkett understands that child custody litigation is both stressful and emotionally trying process and works hard to minimize it strain on his clients and their child.

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