Tips From A Family Law Lawyer

Family Law LawyerGoing trough a divorce or child custody case is difficult and hazardous. The choice you make while going through a divorce or child custody case can have serious consequences for you and your family. Since the decisions you make while dealing with a family law issue is important, you should seek advice of an effective family law lawyer or divorce attorney.

The following article provides some help tips that you should consider before navigating our family law system:

1. Beware of what you Post to the Internet

It is not uncommon to see unfavorable Facebook posts admitted as evidence during divorce or child custody proceedings. It does not matter that your personal page is private or that you have block the other party: they are ways around these safeguards and they are cataloged on you friend’s list.

Anything you say or do on the internet (or via text messages for that matter) can and will be used against you in family court. So be careful what you say and who you say it to.

2. Beware of the agreements you make

It is also very common for people to regret the agreements they entered into shortly after a family law lawyer explains to them the legal consequences of their ill-advised agreements. Sometimes an attorney can help a client out of the mess that they put themselves into, but some agreements are permanent and the attorney can do little to help once it is too late.

Being mindful of the agreements one makes is especially important in child custody cases because parents are required to go to mandatory Family Court Services Mediation were the counselor encourages parents to reach agreements then and there. These agreements are legally binding and parents can unwittingly make agreements that do not conform to parties’ needs or desire. A good family law lawyer will help a client prepare for this important mediation so that if an agreement can be reached, it will be less rushed more in line with what all parties wanted.

3. You might need a Family Law Lawyer

No one said the legal system was simple, but most agree that it is serious business, especially when it comes to family law. Consider what is at risk: property and income in the case of a divorce and access to your child in the case of child custody dispute. Both are very important and the odds are this is your first experience with a divorce or child custody dispute. Although it is certainly possible to represent yourself, you have a lot to lose and little experience with the legal system. A family law lawyer has experience with the legal system and expertise that can help you through this difficult situation.

4. Research before retaining a Family Law Lawyer

Not all family law lawyers are created equally and you have a lot at stake. Additionally, legal representation can be costly. No one would take their Ferrari to any old mechanic without first researching them first. You can research an attorney in a variety of ways. In California, you can check a family law attorney’s Status on the State Bar of California’s website:

This site can tell you if the attorney has any disciplinary action against them and how long the family law lawyer have been practicing law in the State and in some case the sort of law the attorney practices.

Additionally, most family law lawyers have listings on review sites like and, which allow people to post reviews about their experience with a particular attorney or law firm.