Divorce Attorney Mira Mesa

50% of all first time marriages end in divorce in California. Few people have not been either effected by or do not personally know someone who has been affected by a divorce. The fact is that divorce is an emotionally charged situation in which a person exposed to serious consequences that can have far reaching effects and most people will be touched by divorce at sometime or another.

Anyone going through a divorce might want to consider consulting any attorney about the rights, responsibilities, and available options. Also, few people realize the importance of court deadlines. For example, failing to respond to a Petition for Dissolution of marriage will allow the other party to default.

Consulting an attorney might you a better perceptive of your situation since they can inform you of all your options. Not only that, but they can notify you of your responsibilities. For example, before a divorce can be finalized the parties must exchange financial declarations. Improper discloses can result in either having to pay the other sides attorney fees and can expose a person to future legal dispute long after the divorce is finalized. Seeking the advise of an local divorce attorney Mira Mesa is worth the little bit of effort in the early stages of your divorce.

Although Divorce is common in the U.S., the rules and local practices are not common and can have serious consequences if not carefully followed. This is why the advice of a divorce attorney Mira Mesa is rather important if you are a resident of Mira Mesa and are presently facing a divorce.

If you are currently involved with (or want to seek a divorce) a divorce in San Diego County, it might be wise to seek out the advice of an experienced divorce attorney that understands the local practices relevant to Mira Mesa. Attorney Brian Burkett has assisted individuals entangled in legal disputes for more the 10 years, and he is a fine divorce attorney Mira Mesa. If you need assistance navigating the at times complex maze of divorce proceedings, then please feel free to give us a call at (619) 250-2683 to schedule your free initial consultation with Attorney Brian Burkett or visit our Web Site at http://www.childcustodyanddivorce.com/ for more information.