Divorce Attorney California

California is a community property State whereby all property acquired by the couple during the marriage is considered community property unless it was acquired by gift or inheritance. This sort of legal arrangement can create serious headaches down the road if the parties decide to get a divorce, which is know as a Dissolution of Marriage in California.

Community property rules effect real property, debt, and retirements. Although this might seem simple, there is a wide range of problem that can arise if the property is improperly divided (and deception by a party to a divorce is not uncommon). Since a number of possible pitfalls exist, it is advisable to seek out the help of a divorce attorney California who can help you through this process.

If you are currently involved with (or want to seek) a divorce in San Diego County, it might be wise to seek out the advice of an experienced divorce attorney California that understands how community property law are practiced in San Diego, California. Attorney Brian Burkett has assisted individuals entangled in legal disputes for more the 10 years, and he can help you find a fair and equitable division of community property.

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