The Benefits of a Family Law Attorney

A Family Law Attorney deals with a variety of issues pertaining to the family. Unfortunately, an individual typically only needs a family law attorney when a dispute arises. Although family law attorneys can be helpful with an adoption or an undisputed divorce where both parties are cooperating and just need help filling out the necessary paper work for dissolution of marriage, a family law attorney is especially valuable when a dispute arises for a variety of reasons. Family law attorneys can assist people with contented divorces, establishing paternity, modifying child custody, legal separations, guardianships, attaining child support orders, enforcement and collection of child support arrears, etc. This type of attorney can be especially helpful in these types of disputes because they are often emotionally changed situations and our legal system can be convoluted at times.

First, the family is very close to our hearts. Thus, disputes pertaining to the family tend to be emotional charge and it is often difficult to think clearly when emotions run high. Being unable to maintain a level head while going through a divorce or child custody dispute is both understandable and, at the same time, extremely dangerous. Losing your cool in court can damage your chances of success and reaching an equitable arrangement. Additionally, the opposing party can take advantage of a person’s emotional venerability. Being represented by a family law attorney can give you the necessary distance from the emotionally charged situation so that you can maintain a level head. Further, an attorney can protect you from the emotional manipulation and coercion of the opposing party since they have the experience and understanding of the law that most people facing a divorce do not have.

Second, our legal system is not known for its simplicity. It is complex system of rules and practices that is sensitive to the particularities of your case. Knowing how the courts have dealt with people in a similar situation can help you avoid major pitfalls in your family law dispute. Although experience can make a huge difference, where that experience is gained is important as well. For example, since San Diego is a military town, a family law attorney San Diego might have a lot of experience dealing with issues unique to members of the armed forces. On the other hand, a family law attorney in Las Vegas might be more familiar with issues associated with gambling and gratuity incomes.

If you are facing a family law dispute in San Diego County in any of our four family court houses (Chula Vista, Vista, El Cajon, or Downtown San Diego), then it might be in your best interests to seek the advise of and experienced San Diego family law attorney. Brian Burkett is a family law attorney with over 10 year of experience practicing law in San Diego County. Please feel free to give Mr. Burkett a call at (619) 250-2683 or visit his website at

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