Finding the Right Family Law Attorney

The Law is a complex system of written laws enacted by legislative bodies (both state and federal), court decisions, common law traditions, and local custom and practices. No single individual can honestly claim that they fully understand the Law. No Scholar, Judge, Attorney, or layperson has a perfect understanding of our complex legal system that we are subject to. Because no one understands the totality of the law, it is incredibly important that attorneys and Judges have areas of emphasis and specialty. These areas can range from contract law which primarily has financial consequence all the way to criminal law which can affect an individual’s freedom.

One area of the law that can have serious consequence for you and your family is Family Law. Although this area often affects people going through a divorce, divorce is not necessarily the only reason you might need a Family Law Attorney. A family law attorney can help individuals trying to establish paternity, seeking fair amounts of child support, transferring custody of child to a loved one, and of course negotiating the perils of divorce proceedings.

The stakes are high while going through divorce processing especially when property and children are involved. One misstep could mean the difference between having regular visitation with your children and seldom seeing your children while paying a substantial portion of your income in child support. Conversely, people sometimes allow the emotional stress of a divorce overwhelm them. In an attempt to avoid the whole messy ordeal, they often settle for far less then they and their child deserve. Do not allow anyone to take advantage of your emotional fragility during a divorce. You could end up over paying thousand of dollars over the course of your child’s life or you could end up barely get by, struggling to feed and clothe your children.

It is incredibly important that you know your rights, what is fair, and that you are not alone in this difficult situation. Since the Law is complex and the stakes are high in a divorce, it would be unwise to go it alone without a legal counselor. A family law attorney can not only notify you of your rights and obligations, an experienced and honest attorney can also protect you from overt coercion, help save you from some of the emotional stress of the situation, and facilitate a speedy end to your divorce proceedings. We know divorces are not easy, but having a good attorney on your side can ease the process.

Although a good attorney can help navigate this complex and emotionally trying time in your life, some attorneys can actually make it worse. Attorneys are paid by the hour and some unscrupulous attorney can, and in face do, create unnecessary dispute for clients so that they can increase the amount of billable hours. It is analogous to the mechanic who tells you that your car is riddled with fictitious problems only to change you for unnecessary repairs. Although there are certainly honest mechanics and attorneys out there, it is important to realize that there are crooked ones out there as well.

It is a strange phenomenon that people do not shop around for the right attorney before hiring one. It is baffling that some might try on 4 or 5 shirts before purchasing one or read reviews before going to see a movie but blindly hiring the first attorney they speak with without reading a single review. Attorneys are far more expensive than a tee shirt and your case will be much longer than a movie (perhaps not as long as the Lord of the Rings, but still pretty long). You should be very careful as to who you hire because choosing the wrong attorney could cost you thousands of dollars and avoidable heartache.

Brian Burkett is a Family Law Attorney who has served the greater San Diego area with integrity for over 10 years. With an emphasis in family law, he is knowable in the practice of law and many of the issues that are unique to San Diego County with its diverse communities. His office is centrally located in the heart of Mission Valley and he handles a wide range of family law cases in the San Diego County, from Vista to Chula Vista and from downtown San Diego to El Cajon.

If you are facing a divorce and considering hiring an attorney, then you should give Mr. Burkett a call at (619) 250-2683. Unlike most other attorneys in San Diego, he offers new potential clients a free initial consultation in which he analyzes the particular issues of your case. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Burkett, you should visit his website at Brian Burkett is definitely worth your consider if you are in need of legal assistance.