San Diego Divorce Attorney and Settlement Negotiater

Since a Divorce is a stressful and emotionally charge proceeding, people can be coerced into agreements that that they would not have otherwise agreed to if they fully understood their rights. Unfortunately, these ill-informed decisions can have far ranching consequences that can undermine a person’s relationship with their children and/or destroy their credit score. Seeking the help of an experienced Family Law Attorney, like Brian Burkett can help you avoid any missteps in this critical time period while your divorce is being sorted out.

Brian Burkett is a Family Law Attorney who has served the greater San Diego area for over 10 years. He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law. His office is centrally located in the heart of Mission Valley and he handles a wide range of family law cases in the San Diego County, from Vista to Chula vista and from down town San Diego to El Cajon. If you have legal difficulties with a divorce, child custody dispute, collecting arrears, or adjusting child support, then Brian Burkett can help you.

He has competitive rate and offers a free initial consultation. If you need legal assistance with a family law matter and the matter is being heard in San Diego County, then Brian Burkett can help. Family Law disputes have serious consequence that range from losing precious visitation time with your children and/or wage garnishment, so there is no reason why you should not seek legal assistance with these serious matters.

Fortunately, some previous errors in judgment can be corrected. It is never too late to re-adjust your child visitation time and child support payments. If you want to see you children more or are interested in re-adjust your child support because one or both parties have experienced a change in income or are in different living situations, then you might be able to adjust your child support.

Not every dispute needs to end up in a courtroom. In many cases, problems between two parties can be resolved through settlement negotiation rather than lengthy court processing. Choosing to work with an attorney who is experienced in reaching settlement agreements can get the issue resolved in a way which all parties involved can live with, while avoiding the time and expense of a lengthy court case. Brian Burkett works hard to settle case outside of court and strives to reach equitable agreements.

You could be waiting a long time for the first court date in a case. The typical case that goes to trial can expect a lengthy discovery process, adjournments by other parties and a generally long and drawn out process. In the meantime, you’ll be paying legal fees and go even longer to get the relief you’re looking for through the courts – if you win your case, that is and that’s hardly a guaranteed outcome. Fighting for a settle is typical wiser than fighting it out in court.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say whether or not any changes can be made to your current arrangement without knowing the exact details of your case, so please do not interpret this as legal advice. If you are interested in seeking the advice of an experienced attorney, please feel free to call (619) 250-2683 or visit our website at to schedule a free consultation.