Mediation Lawyer San Diego

Not every dispute needs to end up in a courtroom. In many cases, problems between two parties can be resolved through the mediation process rather than filing a summons and complaint and taking the other party to court. Choosing to work with a mediation lawyer San Diego can get the issue resolved in a way which all parties involved can live with, while avoiding the time and expense of a case in civil court.

You could be waiting a long time for the first court date in a civil suit; and it’s exceedingly rare for a suit to be settled at the first hearing. Instead, you can expect a lengthy discovery process, adjournments by other parties and a generally long and drawn out process. In the meantime, you’ll be paying legal fees and go even longer to get the relief you’re looking for through the courts – if you win your case, that is and that’s hardly a guaranteed outcome.

By contrast, resolving disputes through the mediation process instead of filing suit can save you a great deal of both time and money. As long as both parties would rather settle the matter out of court and are amenable to mediation, settling the dispute can happen in a very short time frame. Setting a date and time to sit down with a mediation lawyer and working things out directly rather than trying to fight it out in court saves everyone a lot of trouble and often produces a more favorable outcome for both sides.